(~simul iustus & peccator~) (lovelies) wrote,
(~simul iustus & peccator~)

I discovered bloodied sores at the back of my head this morning, and for a moment wondered whether I'd scratched myself in my sleep. Then I realized that the hair-clip I'd been using has metal parts in it.

It surprises me every time, the severity of my allergy to metals. Partly, I think, because I refuse to believe that anything so ridiculous could be true. I've never had any other allergies or hypersensitivities (that I'm aware of), so I've never really learned how to watch out for the allergens. It's only after my skin has been worn through that I realize I've done something I oughtn't have.

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    I need more iconses! Rec me icons or places where you swipe icons.

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    Today is World AIDS Day. http://www.worldaidsday.org/

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