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28 Weeks Later had its moments. It also had some very silly moments and some rather boring moments. To continue on the topic of the metamorphosis of the zombie movie: the rage virus, I thought, was aptly named. Mindless rage leads to the breakdown of the nuclear family leads to the destruction of society.


It feels to me as though the medium and the message have become suddenly confused. For instance, 28 Days Later I thought was about the isolation of the individual in a post-modern society, of existential alienation. A violent metaphor about violence, on the other hand, is not a metaphor, it's just violence. As a metaphor, the film was hollow.

But, as a big fan of post-apocalyptic fiction, I thought the film worked better creating an atmosphere. It was beautifully filmed, and it didn't hurt that the leading girl reminded me of someone I used to love a lot. I wish that they had given us more on the structures of society and the impact on the world of a cataclysmic event. There was only a thin veneer of it there, but it had potential. I only wish they'd waited for a better script.


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