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I'm ambivalent toward the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I mean, yes, she did kick a lot of ass. And yes, T3 was a steamy hot cup of FAIL with a side of freshly baked HELL NO. I'm glad they'll be ignoring that. But on the other hand, Sarah Connor did kick so much ass that she saved her son and saved the world. And while I do like Lena Heady, she's no Linda Hamilton. I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, despite the apparent logic behind her casting, but Linda made Sarah.

I've also been following discussions featuring fanboy bickering and accusations of sexism, which don't bode well. The reception hasn't been an unequivocal "How fucking cool!" from any party, but expressing of reservations. And I've got reservations, too. While I don't mind rebooting the continuum to ignore T3, to bring back Skynet again and to hop and back and forth in time is verging on silly. What I fear will tip it over is that the terminators weren't meant to pass for human for any longer than it take for it to terminate them. They're skin on a weapon. To have one live among you for days, let alone weeks, without anyone noticing anything out of the ordinary? No. They didn't have that kind of technology even in the future; they were machines designed by machines that have no imagination.

And yet. And yet I hope the series will establish itself, because television sorely needs more quality science fiction.


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