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Re: Zombies

I saw I Am Legend today. Good enough. Scarier than I had expected, possibly because being alone in the world was a particular childhood fantasy of mine, and it did not involve zombies (yes, yes, I know they were originally vampires, but those things were not vampires). I thought I knew exactly what I was going to see, as upon first seeing the trailer many months ago - before the name of the film had been announced, and before I even knew there had been a new version in the works - I told someone "Hey, that's kind of like the Omega Man!" at the first shot of the city desolate. But it was much more intense, ending notwithstanding.

Many people have compared it to 28 Days/Weeks later, to the detriment of the former. I'll agree that 28 Days Later was in a league of its own, but I really do believe that I am Legend has 28 Weeks Later beat. It delivered what 28 Weeks Later only promised, what never properly made it into the foreground. As a society, we are afraid of viral outbreaks and genetic engineering. That is the fear of this age. That's the story you tell with zombies - you don't regurgitate fears from the 1950s. And even with all the choreography, the zombies of 28 Weeks Later just weren't. that. scary. These ones were, especially in the beginning.

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