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Season 3 of Lost finished here last night. I know that many people have completely lost interest in the series by now, but I'm just starting to get into it. Meaning that yesterday was the first time I seriously considered seeking spoilers for what's going to happen. And, upon finding out that you're not even a full season ahead in the US, decided against it.

And I might as well confess: I ship Kate and Sawyer. Ship in the sense that I like the chemistry between them better than with Kate and Jack, realizing that the writers are pushing both. I like them better because Kate and Sawyer remind me of Rogue and Gambit, before they got all star-crossed and whiny. I like them because they're both deeply flawed characters, and that sort of romance interests me more than that of the hero and the damsel. And it's for the same reason that I like Jack as a hero; he's deeply, deeply disturbed. But as a romantic lead, that makes for DO NOT WANT.

Oh, right. I forgot about the deep allegorical philosophical musing-cakes. But honestly I watch it for these reasons, and in this specific order: Sayid, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Desmond, Ana-Lucia and Mr Eko. They're hot. They're stranded on an island? I hadn't noticed.


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