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I just watched the second series of New Who in two days, as I got tired of the local Beeb using my tax money for harvesting shows off of American cable, rather than showing EBU solidarity. I've seen some complaints about it being suckier than the rest, but I didn't think so. It's good cheesy sci-fi in (nearly) self-contained stories, just the way I've always liked it. And Tennant does make a good Doctor, sorry as I was to see Ecclestone gone.

And then the commentary:

Nine/Rose. Nine was prickly on the outside and schmoopy on the inside, that worked for me. Ten, on the other hand, is very schmoopy on the outside, but kind of a prick prickly on the inside (like he said: sweet, passionate, but not nice). Ten is very physically affectionate with Rose, but all I'm seeing is friendship. Love, sure, but if the Doctor's bumping nasties with anyone, it's the TARDIS. Even at the end I didn't think it was romantic love that was being professed, because that's cheaper. Or, that's my reading of it. But I still cried, sorry to see her go (but in a way, I suppose it was time, too - there was no story-telling tension between them).

Was Rose special to the Doctor? I think she was, in the sense that when he met her, he'd just come back from the Time War, had just caused the destruction of his people, and had most likely sworn off having companions altogether, as he'd just get them killed like everybody else. He was in a funk, and she got through to him - partly for being who she was, and partly because he was just that lonely. Was she special in the sense of being his One True Love? No way. I do think that Rose meant more to Nine than to Ten, and that it was very gutsy (danger, Rose Tyler, DANGER DANGER) and yet noble of her to go with him after he regenerated.

Ten is way creepier than Nine, but in a way I like that dark edge about him.

Daleks. Did not see them coming. Refusing to read all the crazy shipping debates has left me pretty unspoiled, apparently. It was a good bit a misdirection, as I was totally expecting the Demon from the Impossible Planet to pop out of there.

And Ricky/Jake, ehehehe. They were totally hitting it.

Speaking of which, I didn't initially see the Jack/Ianto everyone was gushing about. I thought Jack was a bit too attached to the Doctor's hand, if you know what I mean (and I think you do), and Ianto turned out to be seriously fucking damaged in the Cyberman episode. Squick, squick, squick. But the stop-watch? Totally won me over.

PS. Oh Jesus Christ, I love Donna.

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