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Third series. Some awesome stories. Some odd turns.

Martha's great. Great bum, awesome family. Can't wait to see her on Torchwood.

But, as awesome as she might have been, the writing of it felt very uncomfortable for me on the third series, especially in the beginning. I think if I'd had months between the series and weeks between episodes, it might have been a bit less ...what? inducing. I mean, a girl has know an alien for the whole of two days, so would she really whine "But you never tell me anything?" Wrap her arms around a complete, kind of freaky stranger?

Oh, why would anyone do that?

A classic example of bonding over intense situations? Stockholm syndrome? She was in love with him within fifteen minutes of meeting him, and no matter how lonely she was, that's not right. God, did she ever make the right choice at the end. You're better than Doctor Jerkface.

The last half, allowing for the passing of time, made the characters and their motivations more understandable. All except for the Master's companion. I didn't really understand what exactly was going on with her. Did she have a bruised eye?

The swinging penises on the kaled's head were entirely too distracting.

The Family of Blood - cold. Three characters, all of whose points of views you can get, all in a world of hurting. Ouch. It's interesting, though, the way he flips on the mask of cheer and jokes. It's getting more and more desperate.

Blink - holy Christ, that was scary. Those things have always given me the shivers. The inanimate made animate scares me. Also, I love Moffat.

The Doctor. Jack. Just talking through the glass. Very hot. Face of Boe? Oh hell no.

"I like it when you use my name." "Are you asking me out on a date?" That's phone sex, that is. I'm shipping it, no two ways about it. Even though he turned the Doctor into gollum, it was still very sweet.

The finale: very intense. I know they're not going to have Time Lords as villains for two seasons in a row, but please please tell me that was the Rani at the end?

Anyway, I can't help but wonder whether the world is starting to deviate from our world too much. On one hand, it's great that events have actual lasting effects, but on the other, it becomes less and less rooted in any kind of realism.

The Doctor seemed to be in a pretty dark place at the end of the Christmas Special. It would take Donna to drag him out of there. When does it start up again?

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