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I was at my grandmother's today, and happened upon a cosmetics' advert (infert? infomert?), in the guise of an article:

The amount of adult anti-age products is increasing season by season. Deterrent smart agents are available already for people in their twenties, who are eager to begin the use of youthening creams. Collagens, antioxidants and other agents that affect the condition of the skin can be found from the care products. Some of them activate the skin's own production.

As the target is dream-skin, in aid of moisturizers and night creams come filters, neck products, eye countour creams, serums and fillers of expression lines. Protecting the skin from outward irritants, impurities in the air and electro-magnetic waves is important, and with smart products it can be done effectively.

One can also enjoy chocolate without eating it. Now chocolate and other delicacies from honey to white tea slip into cosmetics jars, from which we spread them on the face and the body.


Cleansing has become more important than before, because the skin is, perhaps more each year, at the mercy of pollution. Deep-cleansing or form-altering cleansing-gels, foams and milks are already in the selections of many lines. The boom of natural cosmetics is not yet ending. The same trend is continuing on the front of mineral cosmetics.

Jesus-fuck, what? 

You, woman. Don't get older than twenty. Don't eat goodies. Don't ever have expressions. Beware of magnetic waves. Better yet, don't go outside at all. And do spend a shitload fuckwad of money on products that have probably been designed so you'll keep on using more money on them.

Which fucking part of this is natural?

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