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(~simul iustus & peccator~)

I'd already started writing an entry for Women's Day about casual misogyny, and how it forms the foundation for the more heinous and blatant forms that still cripple even the most egalitarian societies on this here rock. But it got too depressing.

Women can't. Women always. Women have. Women need to. Women should. Fucking women. Women.

It's not just that I witness my gender being degraded and belittled in a myriad different ways every day. Abased, demeaned, cheapened, diminished, dishonoured, humiliated, impaired. Every day. In tiny little ways that sweep past you so quickly, so habitually that you barely take notice. And even when you do, you can't react. It's nothing. It's too insignificant, it doesn't really mean anything, you'd just make a big deal out of nothing. It's not their fault their one-off incident is just last one in long line of constancy.

And a casual, meaningless remark is never more insidious than when it's coming from a friend. They don't mean to offend you. It's those women that aren't pretty or aren't smart or aren't funny or aren't human in a some other different little way, where ever they set the bar.

This is what I want to say on Women's Day: I live in an enlightened society. I'd learned to resent my own gender before I had yet reached puberty. The night I realized I was going to grow into a woman and there was no way I could stop it, I cried bitter tears. It's been a long and painful journey for me to come to terms with being woman. Just being. And I'm still learning.

That woman. Yeah, that one. She's a human being.


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