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zinjadu has written brilliant Torchwood fic. Get it while it's hot!

Also, I had my second rewatch of Blade Trinity yesterday. I thought the writing was still problematic, but not quite as bad as I had initially thought. Abigail Whistler is skirting very close to Mary-Sue territory. Character-wise, she's a bit of an unnecessary gender-swap replication of Blade, which is just one of the kind of loose elements in the plot.

But one of the things that I liked is that you've got an action movie with the black guy, the gay guy and the woman, not just as leads, not just as actual characters that kick ass, but as people who survive and each of whom comes out better at the end. I like that. And Hannibal King was coded as gay, even though I've found nothing to confirm that. (But having spent some quality time with Google - I had no idea how much people hated Ryan Reynolds. Why? And also, I discovered that he's going to be Deadpool, which, yay!) Is it because the main demographic is adolescent boys that it's just not talked about? I know they're afraid of getting gay on their popcorn, but this was an aspect of the movie that made me fond of it, and it would be kind of funny if it was unintentional.

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    Today is World AIDS Day. http://www.worldaidsday.org/

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