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(~simul iustus & peccator~)

It's Equality Day today in Finland, and it serves as a reminder that different forms of oppression; racism, sexism, homophobia, classicism, ageism; they often serve to legitimize each other. It's taking on all systems that feed on the denigration of a person's human worth that we affect change in any one of them.

It's not okay to take your anger out on other ethnicities even though you're poor. It's not okay to abuse your women or children even though you're being abused. It's not okay to shy away from the elderly even when the world you live in tells you that your only worth is in your youthful beauty. It's not okay to take it out on gay men and women that the consumerist society is playing on your insecurities. It's just not okay to hate, and it's not okay to treat people that are different from you as subhuman. Because not one of them is less human.

Equality Day is a good time for each and every one of us to reflect on the ways that we ourselves feed inequality and fuel oppression.


Also, more SUP dickery and a planned Content Strike on March 21st. Because in Soviet Livejournal, the multi-national corporation boycotts you.

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