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I hate April Fools.

I'm sure that it has a social function in strengthening and reinstating institutions, namely that of truth-telling, by allowing people to lie and trick others to their heart's content for one day only. It's big old switcheroo that through the act of reversal establishes social boundaries. Like the Carnival or Saturnalia or the Akitu festival, which took place this time of the year. Participating in social games and rituals bring a cohesive element to our communal existence. I get it.

But I don't like it.

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From rivendellrose : The meme rules:

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick four of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

1. Combines two things that I like, lolcats and Doctor Who, in the fashion of ihasatardis . What could be better? Who is such a macrolicious show.

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They aired the Lord of the Rings trilogy on television over the Easter holidays. It wasn't the first time I'd seen the films, even though it took me a long time to get around to it the first time. And I never could get through the books. I got to the end of the Fellowship of the Ring once, and I got to the end of the first few pages of the Hobbit another time, but I just could not muddle through them.

And it's not that I don't like this type of literature, either. I gobbled up High Fantasy as a pre-teen. Especially Dragon Lance, which I do realize owes a great deal to Tolkien. (In contrast: I one day accidentally picked up The Time of the Twins, which my brother had bought  for himself - read one half-page of it - and by the end of the week I'd finished both of the Weiss & Hickman trilogies. Which I had to buy for myself, as he only had the one book.)

So what I've been doing for the past few days, is reading up on the story by browsing Wikipedia articles. I'm sure this is considered criminal in some parts of the world, but this way I can get to the interesting bits without having to suffer through the writing. And while I'm sure this does reflect on my poor taste in reading, I do regularly suffer through 19th century German Exegesis. That's writing designed as torture for students everywhere.

While I'm unable to fully enjoy Tolkien's world, I do appreciate the work he put into fashioning it. The man has been lauded for his world-building, and yeah, he's in a league of his own. The tiny linguist inside me appreciates the word-plays, especially. But as far as world-building goes, if the first significant female character is introduced on page three zillion - and it's one named "man maiden", at that - then maybe, just maybe, you're doing it wrong.

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It's Equality Day today in Finland, and it serves as a reminder that different forms of oppression; racism, sexism, homophobia, classicism, ageism; they often serve to legitimize each other. It's taking on all systems that feed on the denigration of a person's human worth that we affect change in any one of them.

It's not okay to take your anger out on other ethnicities even though you're poor. It's not okay to abuse your women or children even though you're being abused. It's not okay to shy away from the elderly even when the world you live in tells you that your only worth is in your youthful beauty. It's not okay to take it out on gay men and women that the consumerist society is playing on your insecurities. It's just not okay to hate, and it's not okay to treat people that are different from you as subhuman. Because not one of them is less human.

Equality Day is a good time for each and every one of us to reflect on the ways that we ourselves feed inequality and fuel oppression.


Also, more SUP dickery and a planned Content Strike on March 21st. Because in Soviet Livejournal, the multi-national corporation boycotts you.
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Stolen from rivendellrose :

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, thoughts on yaoi, favorite type of underwear, graphic techniques, etc. Repost in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other.

Also, who_anon  is testament to how much hate there is in the fandom. Yes, there are some valid issues that can do with discussing, but some of it is just scary. Scarier than Harry Potter -scary.
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zinjadu has written brilliant Torchwood fic. Get it while it's hot!

Also, I had my second rewatch of Blade Trinity yesterday. I thought the writing was still problematic, but not quite as bad as I had initially thought. Abigail Whistler is skirting very close to Mary-Sue territory. Character-wise, she's a bit of an unnecessary gender-swap replication of Blade, which is just one of the kind of loose elements in the plot.

But one of the things that I liked is that you've got an action movie with the black guy, the gay guy and the woman, not just as leads, not just as actual characters that kick ass, but as people who survive and each of whom comes out better at the end. I like that. And Hannibal King was coded as gay, even though I've found nothing to confirm that. (But having spent some quality time with Google - I had no idea how much people hated Ryan Reynolds. Why? And also, I discovered that he's going to be Deadpool, which, yay!) Is it because the main demographic is adolescent boys that it's just not talked about? I know they're afraid of getting gay on their popcorn, but this was an aspect of the movie that made me fond of it, and it would be kind of funny if it was unintentional.
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I'd already started writing an entry for Women's Day about casual misogyny, and how it forms the foundation for the more heinous and blatant forms that still cripple even the most egalitarian societies on this here rock. But it got too depressing.

Women can't. Women always. Women have. Women need to. Women should. Fucking women. Women.

It's not just that I witness my gender being degraded and belittled in a myriad different ways every day. Abased, demeaned, cheapened, diminished, dishonoured, humiliated, impaired. Every day. In tiny little ways that sweep past you so quickly, so habitually that you barely take notice. And even when you do, you can't react. It's nothing. It's too insignificant, it doesn't really mean anything, you'd just make a big deal out of nothing. It's not their fault their one-off incident is just last one in long line of constancy.

And a casual, meaningless remark is never more insidious than when it's coming from a friend. They don't mean to offend you. It's those women that aren't pretty or aren't smart or aren't funny or aren't human in a some other different little way, where ever they set the bar.

This is what I want to say on Women's Day: I live in an enlightened society. I'd learned to resent my own gender before I had yet reached puberty. The night I realized I was going to grow into a woman and there was no way I could stop it, I cried bitter tears. It's been a long and painful journey for me to come to terms with being woman. Just being. And I'm still learning.

That woman. Yeah, that one. She's a human being.