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The Destruction of the Ego

(From a Limitless Beginning to an Endless End)

(~simul iustus & peccator~)
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I'm a socialist-atheist-feminist whose world-view is a mixture of modern science and secular humanism with a dash of Baruch Spinoza.

I'm a Bachelor of Theology. I'm currently doing my MT in Biblical Studies of the Old Testament (with a completed minor in Social & Moral Philosophy) at the University of Helsinki.

I used to drink. A lot. I don't anymore. (At all.)

I am too old and tired to feel association to subcultures.

My issues are many.

I obsess with Internet fandom(s), but seldom participate in any significant manner.

I don't really listen to music.

I do, however, like a few bands. Occasionally. Tool, Korn, Incubus, CMX. I don't obsess over music. I don't listen to it often enough.

I have dabbled with the arts. Nearly all of them, at some point. I was found not very good at them.

I moderate
Go join.

I've studied a lot of languages, including Biblical and Qumran Hebrew, Biblical Aramaic, Koine Greek, Classic Latin, Sumerian, Coptic, and Ugaritic. I don't really speak any of them.

I like Oriental cinema. And religious paraphernalia. And swords.

I don't like non-mammals. Or talking on the phone. Or being touched.

I rarely have anything interesting or original to say.

I think that I don't have a very easy personality, which is why I'm mostly alone.

Why lovelies?

Once upon the 90's there was an alternative webring, now defunct, by the name of Love, Lies, Bleeding. The username was lovelies, and I took to using that not as an online monicker, but as a username to a lot of web-services. Livejournal was one of them.

Lovelies are the lies told in the name of love.

What lovelies does not refer to:

The Elton John song Love Lies Bleeding
The Australian band Love Lies Bleeding
Any of the dozen movies titled Love Lies Bleeding
The flower Amaranthus caudatus, Love-lies-bleeding
Any attempt to pluralize and nouni-fy the word 'lovely'

My pain is constant and sharp
And I do not hope for a better world for anyone
In fact, I want my pain to be inflicted on others
I want no one to escape
But even after admitting this,
There is no catharsis
My punishment continues to elude me
And I gain no deeper knowledge of myself
No new knowledge can be extracted from my telling
This confession has meant nothing

-- Brett Easton Ellis

What others have said about lovelies:

IT's A MAN! -- thies

Because she is strange. -- alliante

Interesting, slightly mysterious, and although I have no freaking idea what she is talking about half the time, still a delight to read. -- arabwel

We should make out. -- fornikate

You are currently the only person I know who can go from pre-ordering the last harry potter book to ruminating on something like [transposing the conflict myth into ritualistic events in human history]. -- grog00

I can't make any generalisations about how interesting and worthy of respect your posts are without specifically disclaiming anything involving the activities of two men. Particularly if they're carrying wands. -- domgrief


Dislikes:128: 'intellectual property' rights, 100x100 wars, addiction to disasters, alarm clocks, american television, anti-bisexual, anti-gay, asshats, attention whores, auto racing, bad shoes, beauty as measure of human worth, beauty contests, binary gender system, blinky icons, blinky shit, bras, capital punishment, capitalism, celebrity gossip, chauvinism, child genital mutilation, cleaning house, confrontation, consumerism, continuity errors, corporations, corruption, country music, creationism, credit nazis, dead links, death penalty, defending firearms, defriending drama, depeche mode, disclaimer nazis, double standards, drunks, entitlement whores, exercise, expectations, expecting me to baby-sit your children on the internet, fashioncore, feeders, female circumcision, fish, fred phelps, fucking depeche more, furries, guns, gwen stefani, hating shit that's cool to hate just because, homophobes, homophobia, id-theory, industrial being mistaken for goth, insects, intellectual property nazis, intelligent design, internet cencorship, internet penises, labels, latin teachers, mariah carey, mass hysteria, menstruation, mental illnesses as internet subculture, mornings, movie of the week, multiples, mustard, my mother, my opinion!, national rifle association, news reporting with agenda, non-mammals, nutjobs, onions, otherkin, paris hilton, pat robertson, people who behave like badfic raped their dog and killed their parents, people who believe there can be no wrong opinions, people who don't use turn signals, people who listen to depeche mode, people who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions, people who talk during movies, periods, phones, practical theology, pro life, proprietary software, prostitution, pseudo-science, reality television, reality tv, religious fanatics, religious fundamentalism, remus/tonks, right-wingers, seafood, self righteous people, self-diagnosis, sex-obsessed culture, sexism, shitty anime, silvio berlusconi, slapping text on someone else's copyrighted image and demanding credit for it, smell of alcohol, sour milk, spiders, sporkers, sushi, swallowing pills, tabloids, talking on the phone, telemarketers, the inability to use paragraphs, the religious right, the war on terror, tony halme, traficking, unprotected left turns, using 'freedom of speech' to spout stupid shit, waking up early, wearing trousers, westboro baptist
, akira, akira toriyama, alan rickman, alchemy, ancient civilizations, ancient egypt, ancient mesopotamia, anime, anthropology, apathy, archaeology, art, artists, atheism, azkaban, battle royale, battlestar galactica, biblical languages, biblical studies, bionic woman, bishounen, blaise zabini, bones, boylove, btvs, camera, catholic school boys, catholicism, characterization, christianity, christopher walken, church history, communism, conspiracy theories, cowboy bebop, crucifixes, cyberculture, cyberpunks, dbz, dead languages, dictionaries, digimon, digital camera, doctor who, dolores jane umbridge, draco malfoy, dragon ball z, dragonball, drama, dystopian future, encyclopaedias, english, expressionism, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfics, fanfiction, fbi, feminine men, feminism, feminist, gambit, gods, grammar, gravitation, hair colours, harry potter, heroines, history, igor karkaroff, impressionism, industrial, industrial music, irony, jason bourne, languages, leather, liguistics, literature, lucius malfoy, machinery, machines, malfoycest, manga, mathematics, mesopotamia, metropolis, mythology, neurosis, neville longbottom, nihilism, nine, noir, not sharing this incest, not sharing this interest, pantheons, philosophy, photography, poetry, politics, post-apocalyptic, post-industrial, post-modern, psychology, rainy days, relics, religions, roleplaying, rose tyler, saiya-jin, saiyans, science fiction, secular humanism, severus snape, shounen-ai, silver fang, sirius black, slash, slash fanfics, slytherin, snape, socialism, starship troopers, subway sandwiches, sumeria, super hero, superhero comics, surrealism, tardis, technology, theology, tom riddle, torchwood, transhumanism, ugarit, ugaritic, underworld, vegeta, voldemort, wikipedia, wolverine, x-men, x-men slash, yaoi, ψ, , , ♂+♂,